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Winds of Asia-Middle East
In Memory of Yasmin Ahmad
Rain Dogs太陽雨
2006 Malaysia
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10/23 11:50 - 13:52 (Open11:30)

Guest (tentative):Ho Yuhang(Director)

Please note that the stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

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Director:Ho Yuhang
Kuan Choon Wai, Liu Wai Hung, Yasmin Ahmad

A young man’s spiritual exile in a languid Malaysian border town, narrated with the cadence of music, shot with the eloquence of poetry.

The story chronicles a young man's search for his brother in the city and how he comes to term with the accident that ensues. As hard as he attempts to hold on to his family, whose only member left is the mother, he fails. He runs away to a fishing village to be with his uncle, an act that reminisces his dead brother's break from the family before. From the quiet encounters in his peaceful home village, to the chaos and excitement of urban centers, to exile in a border town north of Malaysia, this film is about the music of chance and love and loss and sadness of those living on the fringe.

92min. Cantonese Color 35mm
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