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The Man with Two Names Cameraman Kim Hak-seong, Kanai Seiichi 
This documentary follows the life of a cinematographer, Kim Hak-seong.
2005 Japan
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10/18 20:30 - 22:21 (Open20:10)
Roppongi [Cinemart Roppongi SCREEN1] Q&A

Guest (tentative):Fumihito Tanaka(Director)

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Director:Fumihito Tanaka
Yoo Hyun-mok, Chung Il Song, Kurataro Takamura

Kim Hak-seong who collaborated closely with Yoo Hyun-mok became a cinematographer in Japan in the 1930’s. His life with interviews of Korean filmmakers, featuring his relationship with a Japanese cinematographer, Kozo Okazaki.

Master cameraman Kim Hak-seong, who left his mark on Korean film history with works such as The Aimless Bullet (1961) directed by Yoo Hyun-mok, was a cinematographer in pre-war Japan working under the name Kanai Seiichi before returning to Korea. In the burgeoning Korean film world, he made a significant contribution to the development of Korean cinema. Using the testimony both of contemporary Korean film’s leading figures, whom he had fostered, and of family members, this film traces the life of this great cameraman with two names. The film was screened at Yamagata and Jeonju Film Festival.

81min. Japanese, Korean Color HDcam
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