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World Premiere
In this country, the police puts justice on the wanted list.
2009 Japan
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10/23 17:30 - 19:52 (Open17:00)
Roppongi [TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS SCREEN7] Greetings from the Stage

Guest (tentative):Haruki Kadokawa(Director,Writer,Producer) ,Jo Sasaki(Original Novel) ,Nao Omori(Actor) ,Yasuko Matsuyuki(Actress) ,Hiroyuki Miyasako(Actor) ,Shugo Oshinari(Actor) ,Yukijiro Hotaru(Actor) ,Eugene Nomura(Actor) ,Meiken Ito(Actor) ,Kohei Otomo(Actor)

Please note that the stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

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Director:Haruki Kadokawa
Nao Omori, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Hiroyuki Miyasako

A police "shoot-to-kill" order against a fellow cop? Overnight, his colleagues must uncover an internal Hokkaido Police conspiracy. Based on a Jo Sasaki’s novel got an idea from a real scandal.

A woman's corpse is found in a suspicious circumstance in an apartment in Sapporo. It's Asami, a Hokkaido cop. The top of the police suspect her ex-boyfriend and the fellow cop, Tsukui of murdering her and hand down the “shoot-to-kill” order. Tsukui's ex-partner, Lt. Saeki gets suspicion against the case and starts a covert investigation with his colleagues. In order to revoke the order and save Tsukui, they must discover the internal conspiracy. Overnight, Saeki and his colleagues attempt to reveal the unbelievable Hokkaido Police corruption conspiracy. Who will have "the last laugh"?

122min. Japanese Color 35mm    Distributor: TOEI COMPANY, LTD.
KEIRIN.JPThe 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by JKA.
21st Tokyo International Film Festival(2008)