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Publication of TIFF Times will be circulated starting 17th (Sat).

TIFF Daily News, distributed last year, is born anew with its new looks as “TIFF Times”.

Daily informations of screening title and event information as well as columns about the films and interview with the Directors will be introduced using creative angles and have considerably improved compared to the issues passed out last year.

The interview coverage are especially work of such excellence that we were unable to present it all in limited space of the pages! (We plan to present the coverage that didn’t make the page on the TIFF official web site).

Moreover! Cartoon artist, Yoriko Hoshi known for her best seller web comic, “Kyo no Nekomura-san”, will publish Tokyo Eiga (literally, Tokyo Films) on TIFF Times.

Reading TIFF Times will allow you to enjoy films and events with greater interests. We urge you to pick it up at the venue for TIFF insight..

TIFF Times will be circulated at

Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills
Cinemart Roppongi
and other locations related to TIFF


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