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Competiton section, Rabia: Oct. 18th (Sun) TIFF movie cafe Press Conference

Oct. 18th (Sun), Roppongi Hills movie café Competition sectionRabia’sPressConference has been held and Sebastián Cordero who wrote the screenplay and directed the film and the Executive Producer, Guadalupe Balaguer were the attendees.

Rabia is a film that depicts the “long-distance” love affair about a man who hides in the attic of a rundown mansion where his girl friend works as a housemaid.

Director Cordero who had his original screenplay of previous film praised by the Sundance Film Festival was “drawn by the original story” and adapted it in to the screenplay.
Prior to the adaptation of the original story, “I didn’t want the viewer to discover the outcome of death by the title,” said the Director. That is why there were some changes made in the setting.

Director Cordero mentioned about Gustavo Sánchez Parra, the leading actor, “I’ve only made the communication with him over the phone prior to the shooting. He is an honest actor and made preparations for the role while recalling about his own experience. He made himself solitary by communicating with people only over the phone. He only slept 2 hours to make himself look weary and lose spark of life from his eyes.

When the question was asked on “How he made the preparation for the main character getting thin in the film,” he unveiled the inside story by telling us that, “We made 4 months of preparation for losing weight and gained the weight back in 7 weeks.”

The release of the film is already fixed in Columbia, Mexico and Spain. “It should be released in Japan too,” he mentioned his desire and exited the venue.

Executive Producer, Guadalupe Balaguer(left)and Director Sebastián Cordero(right)

Message from Director Sebastián Cordero

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