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News on Closing Ceremony Live Delivery

※If you do not see the play button at the starting time of the delivery, please push the “reset” on the browser page.

The Closing Ceremony Live will deliver the Commendation Ceremony held on the last day of the festival.

The Closing Ceremony in which the announcements of the Awards including the Competition sections, Tokyo SAKURA Grand Prix, will be delivered by Internet. Please enjoy the excitement of the Closing Day with the live coverage delivery.

Catch the TIFF tiff-jp.net wave!

Closing Ceremony Live Delivery
Oct. 25th (SUN) 14:00 - (May be extended up to 17:00 max.)

Viewers will need the latest Windows Media Player to watch the live internet delivery.
Click here to download the software.

The visuals may not be delivered smoothly depending on computer capacity, time zone and line connections.
*Please note that the video delivery will not support any versions older than Mac OS9 for Mac users.

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