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Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix winning film “Eastern Plays” special screening in Oct. 25.

As the last program on the final day of 22nd TIFF, the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix winning film, ”Eastern Plays”, was screened at TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS Screen 7. Prior to the screening, the Director, Kamen Kalev, and the Producer, Stefan Piryov appeared at the theater to greet the audience.

Kalev said “Arigato Gozaimasu, Konnichiwa” in Japanese, and continued, “I am extremely delighted that I won the Grand Prix. It was the most memorable moment in my life when I received this award from those great jury members in this magnificent city Tokyo. Though Japan is far away from Bulgaria, I appreciate that you would see the reality of our society through this film.

Kamen Kalev, Director

Stefan Piryov said, “I am also very happy and really excited about receiving the Grand Prix. Thank you very much.”
Stefan Piryov, Producer

Kalev, who also won the Award for Best Director, was asked what in your work is the most praised by the jury.
“Alejandro González Iñárritu, the president of jury, told me that the film showed the truth. That is exactly what we have aimed for. I wanted to realistically depict the life of Christo Christov and his thoughts. So, I really appreciate what Mr. Iñárritu told me.”

Through the film, we can see the problems in Bulgaria where is not very familiar for Japanese.

“I hope more people get interested in Bulgaria. Bulgaria does not have just Bulgarian Yogurt, has a wide variety of cultures. Kotooshu, a Bulgarian Ozeki, works as the ambassador of friendship on behalf of our country. Though he wanted to come here today, unfortunately he couldn’t make it due to the training.”

“This film is my message. I hope you enjoy it.”

Stefan Piryov said,
“I want to express our thanks again. Thank you very much.”

The left the theater, vowing again and again.

“Eastern Plays” won the Tokyo Sakura Grand, the Award for Best Director and the Award for Best Actor.
Please see also the Lists of Awardees.

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