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The 21st Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), supported by the kindness and support of a great number of people, served as the meeting place for cineastes from all over the globe. It was also a truly enjoyable occasion for all cinema fans. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved.

The 21st TIFF was the first film festival in the world to take up "Ecology" as the major theme. To symbolize our commitment to this theme, we used the Green Carpet, launched the natural TIFF section and the "TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix", and advocated the protection of the global environment through the use of renewable energy, recycling and reuse. As a result, I believe that we were able to project a renewed image of the Tokyo International Film Festival to the world.

At the same time, a record number of exhibitors from 43 countries participated in "TIFFCOM 2008", the entertainment multi content business market affiliated with the Tokyo International Film Festival. It gained a lot of attention as a business arena for various forms of contents, including films and television programs.

At the 21st edition, we confirmed that there was a definite and common understanding "to love the earth" among film makers, our guests, film fans and us. To lead this “awareness” to the future and to the next generation, we have to gather hands and to voice out our message to the world from Tokyo. In order to embody TIFF’s environmental and ecological initiatives, we will establish the "Green Carpet Club" this year.

While thriving to be a film festival that showcases high-quality films and which film makers and fans can enjoy being a part of, the 22nd TIFF will continue to make various efforts under the theme of "Ecology". We ask for your participation, cooperation and support so that we can make the 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival a huge success, with our slogan "Action! for Earth".

Tatsumi 'Tom' Yoda

Tatsumi 'Tom' Yoda Profile

Tom Yoda was born in 1940 in Nagano Prefecture. He graduated from Meiji University in 1963 with a degree in business management.

After serving as director of Sansui Electric, he established Thomas Yoda Limited (later renamed T.Y. Limited Inc.) in March 1988. In August of the same year, he became an Advisor to Avex Group Holdings, Inc. He was appointed Chairman of the group in 1993, and served as Chairman and CEO from 1995 until he left Avex in August 2004.

He has served as Chairman of GAGA Corporation since December 2004 and was appointed Chairman of the Board/President/CEO in July 2009. He also owns and heads T.Y. Limited Inc., Dreamusic Inc., and T.Y. Entertainment, as well as serves on the board of directors for T-Joy Co. Ltd and Rakuten, Inc.

In March 2008, Yoda was appointed chairman of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM). He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Japan Business Federation and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Entertainment and Content under the Committee on Industrial Affairs. Among his other responsibilities, he serves as Executive Director of the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) and as Vice Chairman of the Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta).

KEIRIN.JPThe 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by JKA.
21st Tokyo International Film Festival(2008)