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Competition section, The Dark House: Oct. 19th (Mon) TIFF movie cafe Press Conference

Competition section, The Dark House: The Press Conference was held on Oct. 19th (Mon) at the TIFF movie cafe.

Director Wojtek Smarzowski, Marian Dziedziel (Actor / Dziabas) and Feliks Pastusiak (Associate Producer) made their Stage Appearance and Greeting.
First of all, "I am honored to be a part of the Tokyo International Film Festival. I am curious about how the Japanese people will feel about it after viewing my film," mentioned Director Wojtek Smarzowski
"It's nice to be able to visit such a beautiful country," greeted Marian Dziedziel, who acts the part of Dziabas in the film. The Associate Producer of the film, Feliks Pastusiak followed his speach by giving his impression on his visit to Japan from Poland, "I am very happy to be able to participate in the film festival."

The Press Conference chose to proceed with a style of taking the questions from the press; the first question was about the two different years that intersected in the film. (1978 and 1982 in Poland)
The Director Smarzowski said, "This film was shot in the autumn (for the scene of the year 1978) and winter (for the scene of the year 1982). We shot the night scenes specificly for autumn and day scenes for the winter; that is why I think the sequences are simple to understand. I had an idea to collide the two seasons, the snow and the rain, the day and the night, the good and the evil in my film.

Regarding to the question from the press that asked what was Poland like during the year 1978 and 1982, which was the period setting for the film. The Director Smarzowski answered. "Poland in the year 1978 was at the end of the socialist era and everything that went during then was absurd. Purchase of alcohol was only allowed after 1 pm and the special permit was needed to purchase a car. 1982 was the worst year of all and the institution of the martial law was made then. Every purchase was made with the rationing system. There was nothing to distribute to the people, thus made the society absurd and made the people lose their hope.”

When the reporter who was born in 1982, asked him about the current situation in Poland, Director Smarzowski answered, “The order has returned to the country or it has returned to normal state. I think that the Poland is becoming a good country. You can’t really foretaste a man’s life, therefore I can’t compare what it would have been like, if I was born and raised in another country. I am glad that I was born in Poland.

Following is the answer to the question about the huge transformation that Marian Dziedziel shows at the later half of the film.
"The role making was a long process. It was eight years ago that I received the screenplay from the Director. We talked about various things with each other. It is always my goal to find a good thing about the character that I act, regardless of a type of role that I perform. I have concentrated my efforts in justifying the character of Dziabas as a human being. I think that the consequences that Dziabas meets at the end, is based on the notion that the situation he was incidentally placed was the reason which made him take his actions. Believing, loving and hoping is something that is important in the life. The Director mentioned that it was hopeless in Poland during 1982 but I believe Dziabas had hope in him. But the circumstance and the period that Dziabas was placed in made him do what he did and meet the horrible night,“ said Marian Dziedziel, who gave a very interesting speech following the Director,and the press conference came to an end.

Director Wojtek Smarzowski, Marian Dziedziel and Feliks Pastusiak proceeded to the Q&A session following the photo session.

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