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The eternal love definitely exists! Competition section, Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting: Oct. 19th (Mon) TIFF movie cafe Press Conference
On Oct. 19th (Mon) at TIFF movie cafe located in Roppongi Hills, the Competition section’s,Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting’sPress Conference was held with the Director Li Fangfang and the casts of Liu Dong, Huang Ming, Chen Te and Shi Ke, also the Director of Photography Lyle Vincent attended the Press conference.

Appearing from the left are Te Chen, Director of Photography Lyle Vincent, Director Li Fangfang, Liu Dong, Huang Ming and Shi Ke

The Director Li Fangfang made her greeting in Japanese, “Hi. I am Fangfang. I’m looking forward to my stay here.”

Director Li Fangfang

Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting is an adolescence drama about the young people who are struggling to grow up, and have experienced the SARS panic. I depicted the details of the hospital scene in this film as precisely as possible. Back then, wherever you looked at, everybody was wearing masks. The film depicted the reality of that situation,” said Li Fangfang who says she made a thorough research to pursue the realism.

Director of Photography Lyle Vincent

For Director Fangfang, this film was her feature debut. The Director of Photography Lyle Vincent who went to the same film school with the Director praised her by saying, “She had a clear view of what she wanted to do. There was nothing to worry about.”

Director Li Fangfang mentioned about the song by the late Leslie Cheung. “The lyric of the song is about the people’s loneliness and how they communicated and lived their lives. I was really sad when he died. I really wanted to use his song for my debut feature film,” she said as she recalled about Leslie Cheung. She also mentioned that she would like to have the composer of the song, Shinji Tanimura, to also view her film.

Liu Dong

“Acting the wide range of age bracket was the most difficult thing for me,” says Liu Dong who acted a heroine in the film. “I had to play a part of a 13 years old girl in adolescence and also a woman close to the age 30 years old. It was definitely a big challenge for me.”

Huang Ming

Huang Ming said, “Actually, we shot the summer scene during the winter.” He disclosed the episode during the production. People were all dressed up in winter clothes but we had to wear short sleeves and make our performance. There was a scene in which I was sprayed with the shower water. It was really cold! I was shivering quite badly. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to act but I was glad that somehow I made it through the shooting.

Chen Te

Chen Te who followed Ming also said, “Because we had to perform a summer scene in the coldest time of the winter; we had to act as if we were in the hot summer.” Working a hard shooting schedule in the extremely opposite season was a painstaking task for Chen Te and the cast.

Shi Ke

Shi Ke is a veteran actress with a career of more than 20 years. “There were many things that I have learned from the young people in this shooting. I felt their strong passion for the film. I really believe this is a wonderful film with a pure heart.” Shi Ke made an appeal about the charm of the film.

To the question, “Does the eternal love exist?” The member of the cast replied in the unison. “It definitely exists. I believe in it.”

Shi Ke’s husband was also at the press conference. “It would be nice if our love will last for ever,” Shi Ke said with a smile and waved at her husband. The Press Conference was enveloped with their love.
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Shi Ke’s husband(left), Director and the others applaud to the couples eternal love.

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